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They could be added easily. I'll take a look.

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I need to display a quite large number of data in a list control and use the ‘items’ attribute for that purpose. However, I’m not content with the speed of this solution andwould like to use a ‘virtual’ list control instead, as it is described here: [1]


The problem is, that the necessary constants and functions (i.e. wxLC_VIRTUAL) are not defined by wxHaskell. Is there a technical reason for this or could they be added easily?

I have just pushed experimental support for virtual list controls to the GitHub experimental repo. You're welcome to give it a try.


Added methods: listCtrlGetItemFont, listCtrlIsVirtual, listCtrlRefreshItem, listCtrlRefreshItems.
Removed deprecated constant wxLC_USER_TEXT.

I'll be pushing the work which I've pushed over the last week or so to the Darcs repo next week, and will make a release to Hackage once I have had a chance to test on all platforms (I've only verified on Mac for the moment.

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