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Jeremy O'Donoghue schrieb:

> On 25 May 2011 21:04, Joel Shellman <joel@mentics.com
> <mailto:joel@mentics.com>> wrote:
>     What would it take to get full support for OpenGL in wxHaskell? My
>     understanding is that wxWidgets supports it, we just need the Haskell
>     binding for it, right? And I think it used to be there in a previous
>     version of wxHaskell.
> Putting support for OpenGL canvas into wxHaskell is very
> straightforward. I could do the code in about an hour.

Would it be possible to implement this in a separate package? wx-opengl
or so? I didn't need OpenGL support so far.

This would need major changes to wxdirect, as it currently isn't really set up to wrap individual packages. A good thing to do, but I fear I may not have time to do it in the near future.

We'll develop OpenGL support in a branch for now, while I get consensus from the community on the best way to do the packaging.