Many thanks !
 so you solved it already in wxcore- ! 
but what happened ?  it never made its way to the core trunk ?

any clue if this is still valid ?
To enable GraphicsContext, wxWidgets must be compiled with --enable-graphics_ctx option.
or is it detected automatically ?

was it related to 2.8 or even before ?

Anyway, many thanks for your help , and I will try it tonight .


Envoyé avec Sparrow

Le mardi 26 mars 2013 à 23:31, Dmitriy Nikitinskiy a écrit :


Mabe this will help:

here patch and working example, tested on openSuse and windows xp.


27.03.2013 01:27, luc taesch wrote:

I am a bit clue less

I have reduced to the bare minimum

gr <- graphicsRendererCreateContextFromNativeWindow f

graphicsContextDelete gr

it compiles and segfault…

any ideas ?

mbp2-de-luc:wxcanvastest luc$ ghc --make Paint.hs

[1 of 1] Compiling Main ( Paint.hs, Paint.o )

Linking Paint ...

mbp2-de-luc:wxcanvastest luc$ ./Paint

Segmentation fault: 11

mbp2-de-luc:wxcanvastest luc$

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