Still maintained ? Ghostscript License change

Andreas M.
  • Andreas M.
    Andreas M.


    is this project still being developed/maintained ?

    Also, can I use an existing Ghostscript installation ? I get more and more software, that wants to install its own Ghostscript installation and I may have two or three already.

    Now, that the Ghostscript license seems to have changed, do things change for this project ?


    • Nigel Hathaway
      Nigel Hathaway

      I haven't done anything to it for a few years. People are still downloading it, so it would seem it is still useful. It could with updating to the latest version of WxWidgets, but I don't have time at the moment.

      I don't think the change in GS licence affects anything. As far as I know it should work with newer versions of GS. Try it out and put whether it works or not on the forum. (And, yes, you can use it with an existing installation, as far as I remember.)