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7.0 RC5 released

Some important issues were found in our last release, so here we are again, hoping that we can deliver a very stable 7.0 version when we release it. Again, you can download the latest release candidate from

Important changes from the RC4 version:

-Improved support for wxAUI components.
-More work on Find/Replace dialog problems.
-Fixed errors when opening/creating non wxWidgets projects.
-Improved wxRichTextCtrl component
-Fixed crashes when editing components events.
-Updates to some languages, courtesy of our contributors (thanks for the help!).
-Updated SynEdit component, plus some fixes makes for a more stable undo/redo system.
-Red color for the matching brackets feature
-Fixed issues with the project layout not saving properly.
-Fixed issues with filters in open dialogs.
-Support for files in different folders in a single project.

Posted by Esteban 2009-03-17