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#37 Why generate wxNullBitmap for bitmap buttons?

Joel Low

It's not only the bitmap buttons, but also the toolbar
buttons. Why not include a Disabled bitmap property and
use that bitmap instead of wxNullBitmap which has
some... bad UI outcomes.

I have tried to uncomment the line which tells the
property inspector to add a Disabled bitmap line, but
it all gets muddled up and the active bitmap becomes
the disabled bitmap.


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    All this is due to sheer laziness on my part :o( . When I
    started out with the intial design, I completly ignored the
    disabled icon implementation because I really havent used
    it. If we need to add Disabled bitmap, lot of things need to
    be revamped. The internal architecture of the bitmap
    handling code need to be completly revamped(whenever we try
    to manipulate a components bitmap, we directly
    manipulate/typecast the active ones alone).
    I guess an Interface should be implemented for items that
    handles active and inactive bitmaps.




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