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#575 Address violation and file opening problem!!

Tony Reina
IDE (174)

The IDE crashes (Adress Violation) everytime I want to start to program's Syntax Check or the compiled program I wrote. That's extremely miserable, because I have to compile the program and run it manually.

There's also a big problem when I want to open .c files with a double click. It opens the file and then says "The file :/Programs/... doesn't exist". There's always missing the first character. When I press ok, it says again (but missing another character again) "The file /Programs/... doesn't exist"


  • Tony Reina
    Tony Reina

    Please sign in so that you can receive an email response. Otherwise, I don't know if my bug fixes worked for you.

    It looks like the check syntax option we used is outdated. In your devcpp.ini file, change the line CheckSyntax in CompilerSets_0 to

    CheckSyntax=-fsyntax-only %s

    I think that should work.

    As far as the double-click on .c files, I don't see the error on my machine. Maybe you could provide more info on your setup? In what directory is your .c file located? Does it include a space in the path?




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