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wxCommunicator: 1.0.5 released

wxCommunicator 1.0.5 has been released on 12.12.2008.

It is mainly a technology update release, built using wxWidgets 2.8.8 and customized sipXtapi 3.2.0 stable.

Posted by yaro 2008-12-12

wxCommunicator: 1.0.4 released

wxCommunicator is a cross platform SIP softphone written in C++ utilizing customized sipXtapi user agent library and wxWidgets 2.8.7 GUI library. For a list of supported features see http://wxcommunicator.sourceforge.net/features.html .

wxCommunicator 1.0.3a has been released. It is compiled with wxWidgets 2.8.7 and sipxtapi SDK built on 21.1.2008. Easier dialing - just enter number, 2 new ringtones, faster call history deletion, audio energy meters.

Posted by yaro 2008-01-22

wxCommunicator 1.0.3a released

wxCommunicator 1.0.3a has been released. It is compiled with wxWidgets 2.8.6 and sipxtapi SDK built on 28.11.2007. It has improved adaptive jitter buffer and PLC providing better audio quality. Faster call transfer.

Posted by yaro 2007-11-28

wxCommunicator 1.0.2 released

wxCommunicator 1.0.2 has been released. It is compiled with more recent sipXtapi, and should be more stable. New configuration options for keepalive added to advanced sip profile dialog.

Posted by yaro 2007-07-27

New documentation available!

Doxygen documentation for source code including diagrams and application help in html format are available from the Download section.

Posted by yaro 2007-05-10

wxCommunicator 1.0.1 released

* compiled with wxWidgets 2.8.4 RC-1
* uses patched version of sipXtapi with many memory leaks fixed
* one memory leak fixed in wxCommunicator event processing

Posted by yaro 2007-05-01

wxCommunicator 1.0 released

wxCommunicator 1.0 has been released on sourceforge. Check it out and don't forget to send feedback!

Posted by yaro 2007-04-28