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wxSQLite3 3.0.1 released

The new version 3.0.1 of wxSQLite3 - a thin wrapper for the SQLite database for wxWidgets applications - supports the current version of SQLite. This version is compatible with wxWidgets 2.8.12 and wxWidgets 2.9.4.

Recent changes:
Cleaned up and optimized Finalize methods,
Modified wxSQLite3Database::Close to avoid potential memory leaks
Added method wxSQLite3Database::GetWrapperVersion
Added method wxSQLite3Database::IsReadOnly
Added method wxSQLite3Statement::BindUnixDateTime
Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::GetUnixDateTime
Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::GetAutomaticDateTime
Fixed a potential memory leak in method wxSQLite3Database::ExecuteUpdate
Added a wxsqlite3.pc file on request of the Fedora Project developers
Replaced assert by wxASSERT in wxSQLite3Transaction constructor


Posted by Ulrich Telle 2012-11-24