Release 1.2.0 Alpha

Announcement: wxCL 1.2.0 (December 12, 2005) ***


We are pleased to announce the release wxCL-1.2.0 (Alpha), the latest
installment in wxCL development effort. In this release wxCL now
provides a CLOS based interface to the underlying wxWidgets
library. The programmer no longer needs to know the detail of the
underlying foreign function interface to use the wxCL library. This
release is not backward compatible.

What is wxCL?

wxCL aims to provide an industrial strength GUI library to application
programmers which is portable across Common Lisp implementations and
operating system platforms. It builds upon wxWidgets, a comprehensive
C++ library that provides uniform application interface to all major
GUI platforms: including GTK, Windows, X11, and MacOS X.


The current release of wxCL 1.2.0 runs on CLISP, and is tested on
Windows XP but it should work on Linux and Mac OS X as well (not
tested due to lack of resources).

It can be downloaded from:


We need your help.
If you are a Common Lisp, C++, or C hacker, we will appreciate if you
join our development team and help us in improving the library.
Contributors (including newbies) with all levels of expertise are
welcome. Even if you cannot contribute with code, helping us in making
design choices, reporting bugs, or telling us why you favor the blend
of wxWidgets with Common Lisp over other windowing systems and what
aspects are important for you in this decision, etc., will also help
us in making this product better.

Contacting Us or Questions/Feedbacks

The best place to ask questions, and/or give feedback on the library
is wxCL-devel mailing list.


For Reporting Bugs

For Patches

All the best,
wxCL - Project Team.

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Posted by Surendra Singhi 2005-12-18