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Just so people know, I've been posting fairly regular status reports on the web page forum. You can get to it from the project homepage at http://wwkb.sourceforge.net

There will likely not be much progress during the rest of this week. I have two work projects that need attention and family in town visiting. By Sunday I should be back to working on it.

Posted by Pete Davis 2004-02-17

DotNet DAL Lib

Because the server code is the first piece that will actually be communicating with the database, I've had to decide on what to do about data access. I have my own data access library that used to be called PeteDALLib. While it's not quite up to the task of a database of this complexity, it's not far off. So, I've decided to post the library here on SourceForge. I've renamed it DotNet DAL Lib and there are just a few things that need to be finished with it before it will be ready. You can find out more about it here: http://dotnetdallib.sourceforge.net

Posted by Pete Davis 2004-02-09


If you're interested in getting involved in this projects, I first recommend that you read some of the documentation in CVS in the Planning directory. That will give a much better account of the direction and goals of the project.

The WWKB Code directory was a mistake. All the current code is in the Alpha Code directory. I haven't moved everything over yet as I'm yanking some older code and want some design changes in before I get it up in CVS.... read more

Posted by Pete Davis 2004-02-04