Commit Date  
[r45] (HEAD) by boemann

patch from manikandaprasad.chandrasekar needed for end note parsing

2009-12-17 13:14:30 Tree
[r44] by tuubaaku

tag wv2-0.4.2

2009-10-31 18:34:39 Tree
[r43] by tuubaaku

cmake update from oneforall

2009-10-31 02:44:12 Tree
[r42] by tuubaaku

0.4.2 release changes

2009-10-30 23:05:50 Tree
[r41] by boemann

make sure cv (font color) is initialized

2009-10-27 10:20:33 Tree
[r40] by tuubaaku

cmake cleanup from scarabeus

2009-10-09 22:26:37 Tree
[r39] by tuubaaku

tag wv2-0.4.1

2009-10-09 01:26:24 Tree
[r38] by tuubaaku

pre-release updates

2009-10-09 01:18:48 Tree
[r37] by tuubaaku

use correct libdir on 64 bit systems using /usr/lib64. Patch from Hanno Böck

2009-10-01 00:00:40 Tree
[r36] by boemann

Fx compilation on on gcc 4.4
Patch provided by Ingmar Vanhassel

2009-09-28 15:26:36 Tree
[r35] by boemann

better initialize cv correctly in shd structure, or many things turn up black that shouldn't

2009-09-27 17:20:41 Tree
[r34] by boemann

add cvauto part to colorref
Fix sprmCShd parsing which has an initial length arg

2009-09-27 12:33:41 Tree
[r33] by boemann

up version due to source incompatible change
use 24 color to specify font color
parse and use 24 color for text background
- it is however unclear how this interacts with icoHighlight

2009-09-26 22:27:50 Tree
[r32] by boemann

forgot to update this version number too

2009-09-22 09:44:07 Tree
[r31] by boemann

bump revision

2009-09-21 21:26:22 Tree
[r30] by boemann

Handle paragraph right to left property.
Note this is a binary incompatible change

2009-09-21 21:25:04 Tree
[r29] by boemann

change the way we include to avoid building problem

2009-08-31 13:52:05 Tree
[r28] by tuubaaku

tag wv2-0.4.0

2009-08-27 00:49:39 Tree
[r27] by tuubaaku

create wv2-0.4 branch

2009-08-26 21:41:29 Tree
[r26] by tuubaaku

remove autotools files, update RELEASE notes

2009-08-26 18:43:57 Tree
[r25] by tuubaaku

update ChangeLog and version info for release

2009-08-26 18:26:16 Tree
[r24] by tuubaaku

add some more specific logging as we start parsing

2009-08-26 17:39:33 Tree
[r23] by boemann

Add support for word 2000 table borders and shading, which sports 24bit colors
This support is added by editing the generated files!

2009-08-15 18:56:08 Tree
[r22] by boemann

oops better fix compile

2009-08-14 19:11:10 Tree
[r21] by boemann

Provide CMake build system

Created by Pau Garcia i Quiles <>

2009-08-14 09:46:24 Tree
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