config of wv giving libwv warning

  • I have configured, make, and make installed libwmf. However, when I configure wv, I get the following:

    configure: warning: libwv will not have wmf to png support: see README

    If I try:

    ./configure --with-libwmf=/usr/local

    I get the following instead:

    checking for libwmf-config... no
    configure: error: * * * unable to find libwmf-config; unable to continue * * *

    .. and I cannot find any libwmf-config anywhere.

    • I presume you're using wv-0.6.5?

      This requires libwmf-0.2.0, which will be released shortly, but
      is available from wvWare CVS under module name libwmf2.

      Requirements for libwmf2 are: freetype-2.0.0 or later, libpng and libz.

      Regards, Frank