#36 Three wce platform fixes

Unstable (example)
Dmitry Yakimov

I have found three small issues look at the solution:

1. atlframe.h, DlgResize_Init: we should place in #ifndef _WIN32_WCE this block:

#ifndef _WIN32_WCE
// Adding this style removes an empty icon that dialogs with WS_THICKFRAME have.
// Setting icon to NULL is required when XP themes are active.
// Note: This will not prevent adding an icon for the dialog using SetIcon()
if((dwStyle & WS_CHILD) == 0)
pT->ModifyStyleEx(0, WS_EX_DLGMODALFRAME);
if(pT->GetIcon(FALSE) == NULL)
pT->SetIcon(NULL, FALSE);

because on wce all main windows are fullscreen without any borders.

2. atlwince.h, it would be great to replace all calls (3) of SetOrientation with pT->SetOrientation because I had to reimplement the whole class to get a needed functionality. There must be a way to change a behavior of base classes.

3. atlwince.h, Sometimes StdPlatformInit and StdShidInit are called with pT-> sometimes not. I suppose there should be a unified way of calling via pT->

Best Regards,
Dmitry Yakimov


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  • Straightforward and logical - fixed as proposed. Commit #491
    Too bad it took so long...



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