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[r241] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor updates

Minor update to avoid PHP warning about empty XML content when calling the method on a DOMDocument property type

Php doc block comment update

2013-06-26 16:26:25 Tree
[r240] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor updates still for SoapHeader

2013-06-22 08:10:08 Tree
[r239] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] SoapHeader improvements

After one case that breaks, we discover one little bug when catching data for SoapHeaders from schemas. Indeed, the namespace was wrong and the name of the parameter too. We made sure data are retrieved from the right WSDL attributes and that each SoapHeader is well defined in the Service class.

Put setSoapHeader method in the *WsdlClass so each Service class can call it which simplifies its definition

2013-06-21 23:15:19 Tree
[r238] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] updates initiated by the pull request

2013-05-23 11:51:47 Tree
[r237] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor fix and improvements

Fix generic WsdlClass::__set_state() method in order to instantiate dynamically the object without any parameters.

Improve "from schema" meta storage by providing the constant WsdlToPhpModel::META_FROM_SCHEMA and two methods WsdlToPhpModel::setFromSchema() and WsdlToPhpModel::getFromSchema(). These two methods are then used within WsdlToPhpGenerator methods to store this information.

2013-05-14 22:05:30 Tree
[r236] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor updates: date format and php doc block

2013-05-07 17:22:45 Tree
[r235] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] adding __set_state() method and enhancements

Add generic WsdlClass::__set_state() method in order to allow var_export() result to be used. This method is also added to each generated Struct class.

Ensure that PHP reserved methods are not overridden in WsdlToPhpModel

2013-04-23 21:14:27 Tree
[r234] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] improve element's PHP doc catching

2013-04-19 16:18:24 Tree
[r233] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor generated setters PHP doc fix

2013-04-18 20:23:50 Tree
[r232] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor bug fix

2013-04-11 19:06:08 Tree
[r231] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] bug fix and improvements

Fix generated setSoapHeader method in service classes

Improve WsdlToPhpModel class in order to ensure that none of the WsdlClass methods is overriden by a WSDL operation

2013-04-10 16:13:53 Tree
[r230] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] new WsdlClass methods

Adding two methods : getLastRequest and getLastResponse in order to get respectively the last request and the last reponse as a DOMDocument or as a formated XML string

2013-04-08 16:59:00 Tree
[r229] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] SoapHeader setters and "from schema" meta

SoapHeader setters are now generated first so the sample file will call them first as it should be done if you need to set SoapHeaders. They are also more efficient on namespace definition and on parameters naming.

The meta information "from schema" is introduced in each generated Struct and Enum class in order to identify the origin of the class. It's pretty useful when WSDL includes/imports numerous schemas.

2013-04-06 03:40:59 Tree
[r228] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] new features and php doc improvement

WsdlClass__construct method allows to reset or not the SoapClient if its not needed.

New methods are generated within the Services classes in order to set the SoapHeaders after instancitating the service class. For each required SoapHeader, a method is available and makes easy to set the SoapHeader.

Improvement in WsdlToPhpModel::getValueWithinItsType() in order to allow to indicate in wich type the value should be returned

Update Structs __construct() method when WsdlClass is not generated in order to call its setters

2013-04-04 21:27:53 Tree
[r227] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] php doc fix for SOAPHeader informations

2013-03-04 21:12:30 Tree
[r226] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] php doc fix

2013-03-01 17:37:15 Tree
[r225] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] new classes categorization type : create folder by the type of classes it contains. Sub folder are then unused

2013-02-20 06:38:40 Tree
[r224] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] fix for

2013-02-19 13:35:17 Tree
[r223] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] fix syntax error

2013-02-18 12:36:37 Tree
[r222] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] behaviour and php doc enhancements

Update WsdlToPhpGenerator::manageWsdlNodeDocumentation() method in order to improve, again, documentation tags detection. Update WsdlToPhpGenerator php doc comment.

Update WsdlToPhpModel::getCleanName() method behaviour in order to allow to keep muliple consecutive undescores in the generated name. So the struct attributes are detected as having a clean name even if they contain multiple consecutive underscores. Update WsdlToPhpModel::cleanString() method in order to take account of this new parameter. By default, multiple consecutive underscores are kept. Update WsdlToPhpModel php doc comments.

Update WsdlToPhpStruct::getAttributes() calls in WsdlToPhpFunction::getComment() and WsdlToPhpFunction::getBody() methods in order to take advantage of the new WsdlToPhpStruct::getAttributes() method behaviour.

Update WsdlToPhpStruct::getAttributes() behaviour by adding a second parameter allowing to get attributes ordered as required attributes are positionned as first attributes. So, the generated class __construct() method will be easier to call as the required parameters are placed as first parameters. Improve WsdlToPhpStruct::isArray() method in order to take account the number of attributes the struct owns by calling new WsdlToPhpStruct::countOwnAttributes() method. Improve generated array containing parameters passed to the parent class in order to take account of the parameter type when parameter is a generated array type class. Update WsdlToPhpStruct php doc comment.

Update WsdlToPhpStructAttribute::getSetterDeclaration() method in order to generate better php doc comment for the current attribute setter method when struct is an array type class. Update WsdlToPhpStructAttribute php doc comment.

Update WsdlToPhpStructValue::getCleanName() method according to the new behaviour of WsdlToPhpModel::getCleanName() method. Update WsdlToPhpStructValue::getDeclaration() to remove useless parameters passed to the WsdlToPhpStructValue::getCleanName() method call. Update WsdlToPhpStructValue php doc comment.

Update WsdlToPhpService php doc comment.

2013-02-16 07:16:45 Tree
[r221] by mikaelcom

[ADD] add readme.txt file

2013-02-15 17:28:52 Tree
[r220] by mikaelcom

[DELETE] delete outdated and not maintained samples

2013-02-15 17:23:12 Tree
[r219] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] php doc and WsdlToPhpGenerator updates

WsdlToPhpGenerator::manageWsdlNodeAttribute() is now well used. It means it is used for attribute tags and attribut elements (part of a struct). WsdlTophpGenerator::manageWsdlNodeElement() is now used for element tags only and is empty for now.

WsdlTophpModel::cleanComment() displays unique values depending on its last parameter value.

Minor php doc updates

2013-02-11 08:30:44 Tree
[r218] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] new feature (audit) and enhancements

Audit is a new feature which allows to determine what takes most of the generation time during the whole generation process. It stores informations (calls number, time spent and last call time) so that each call can be audited. Audit is filled calling WsdlTophpgenerator::auditInit() at function start then WsdlTophpgenerator::audit() to calculate time spent and calls number. Audit informations are stored using the WsdlToPhpGenerator global storage data. Audit can be accessed using the WsdlToPhpGenerator::getAudit() method which returns an associative array of all audited calls.

Improve inheritance determination, operation return and parameter types determination by browsing schemas sequentially in order to retrieve several particular tags (header, list, union, attribute, input, output). See WsdlToPhpGenerator::wsdlsLoaded(). The generated php doc is then more precise and informations are retrieved when the SoapClient object doesn't retrieve hem.

Improve location management system in order to allow local schemas file loading.

Minor review of attributes declaration for WsdlToPhpModel type classes.

Minor review of documentation management for php doc.

2013-02-04 10:53:15 Tree
[r217] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] enhancements
Ensure that generated classes (structs, services, enumerations) are named uniquely by updating WsdlToPhpModel::getPackagedName() method using WsdlToPhpModel::uniqueName()
Clean WsdlToPhpStructAttributeValue::getCleanName() call in WsdltophpStruct::getClassBody()
Remove useless comments and add test case

2013-01-29 09:18:48 Tree
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