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World Time System Tray / News: Recent posts

Version 1.5 Released

New layout mechanism supporting columns and alignments (feature request ID 2935106).

Fixed bug whereby commas were incorrectly read (bug ID 2935102).

Properties are no longer translated (this was an oversight in previous releases). As such, some layout preferences may have to be re-selected.

Posted by Bernmeister 2010-04-14

Version 1.4 Released

New release for Debian/Ubuntu. The tooltip and balloon text do not observe the new line character. This is a bug in Java...

See Sun bug http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6440297.

Now supports multiple users. User preferences are now saved to the "user home" directory.

Other minor changes and fixes.

Posted by Bernmeister 2008-10-28

Version 1.3 Released

Minor bug fixes.

Posted by Bernmeister 2007-11-07

Version 1.2 Released

* Included GMT Time Zones. This is what Java supplies out of the box.

* Tray icon is now included in the JAR file. Execute the JAR from the command
line as

"java -jar world-time-system-tray.jar"

Ensure that both jRegistryKey.jar and jRegistryKey.dll are present in the
path if executing on Microsoft Windows. Has not been tested on any platform
other than Microsoft Windows.

* Added menu option to show tool tip (hover/bubble) text in a separate window.

Posted by Bernmeister 2007-10-12

Version 1.1 Released

New features and issues fixed for this release including:

- Time Zone database now updated.

- Allows the user to control layout and format of output.

Posted by Bernmeister 2007-10-10

Version 1.0 Released

Initial release of the World Time System Tray widget for Win32 (with Java 6 or better).

Posted by Bernmeister 2007-07-24