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Wreck Surveyor / News: Recent posts

First rich client release

Initial work has been made on a GUI client using the Spring Rich Client Framework.

All the main objects can be created. It is now a useful intro into the framework, even if the application itself is not ready for the big time.

Posted by Gareth Webber 2007-02-12

Initial code drop made

I have dropped in a working code base to see if it tempts anyone to join the effort.

You can
+ Enter datums and measurements between them programatically.
+ Get the position finder to iterate over them so they move where they should be.
+ Save and load from file.

Feel free to comment on the algorithm, add file formats, fix bugs etc.

Please note this is alpha code and the algorithm needs a lot of work

Posted by Gareth Webber 2007-01-11

General Invitation For Help


If anyone is interested in Nautical Archeology, especially is they have complete a NAS survey course and wants to lend a hand, you are most welcome.

I am working on the back-end first and am reasonably comfortable with that.

Afterwards I will work on a GUI client - probably table view first and then visual representation last. Main reason for that is I am lousy at graphics so any help here would be loved!!... read more

Posted by Gareth Webber 2006-12-06