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#125 Add the wrapperw.exe to the delta pack

Tobias Tobiasen

I noticed that the wrapperw.exe is not included in the delta pack. I need the wrapperw.exe on both 32 and 64 bit Windows and I would be nice if they could be included in the delta pack download.


  • Tobias,

    Thank you very much for your contribution.

    wrapperw.exe is more an special case only available for windows, which is basically used for applications available only on there.
    and as the wrapper-delta pack is a cross-platform package, designed for console applications, we actually removed wrapperw intentionally from the delta pack as it is not available on any non-windows platform.
    If you would like to use wrapperw.exe rather than the console wrapper executables you can replace them of course.


  • Hi,
    Our product is cross platform and has both console and Swing apps in it. So I have to get the delta-pack, the win32 and the win64 downloads to get all the files I need.
    Again this is not a big problem and if You think it makes more sense without the wrapperw in the delta pack then feel free to close this issue without change.

  • Leif Mortenson
    Leif Mortenson

    The Wrapper has grown over the years from feedback on how our users are making use of it. So we are always interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Our current thinking is that the delta pack is designed to run console applications on a cross platform basis.

    The WrapperW.exe is designed specifically for GUI based applications.

    If the WrapperW was distributed as part of the delta pack, how would you like to see it work?

    A quick option is to simply replace the various wrapper-n.exe files with the wrapperw.exe binaries from the different distributions. As you pointed out however, this is a little extra work.