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#119 Support ability to be pinned to Taskbar on Windows 7


Using JSW 3.3.7 to launch a desktop application. When the User tries to pin the *running application* to the Taskbar of Windows 7, windows unfortunately makes a shortcut to the java.exe file instead of the wrapper or the wrappers shortcut.
As of this, the application can not be launched anymore from this pinned state.

If the user pins the application using the shortcut in the startmenu or the wrapper.exe, it works fine (since windows creates the shortxcut to the wrapper.exe in this case).

Maybe, there is some way to "teach" windows to not use the java-exe for the pinned taskbar. Maybe there is some API to get knowledge of when windows tries to make a running program pinned.


  • Sorry, did not log in when creating this. Its from me.


  • Anonymous

    As far as I can see, window's behavior changed in the meantime.
    When Starting my appliation using JSW now, The Application's icon in the task bar dows not show the "pin to taskbar" option anymore. I assume MS has changed the behavior for java programs in the meantime.

  • The behavior indeed changed in Win7. I can now Pin my application from within the startmenu (right mouse button) and then it appears correctly.