#271 wrapperw.exe gives strange dialog when requesting status

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Sander Koning

One of our developers found the following problem in version 3.5.9.
When requesting the status of the wrapper service, or requesting it to uninstall, a dialog window pops up with strange contents:
- in the case of `wrapperw -qs`, two dialogs, each with the message "Z55".
- in the case of `wrapperw -q`, one dialog with the message "Z55".
- in the case of `wrapperw -r`, one dialog with the message "H55".

In version 3.5.14, the dialog does not appear anymore when using -r, but -q and -qs still yield the same dialog.

This is under Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, using Java 7 update 3.


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  • Hello Sander,

    I'm very sorry for the trouble. I was checking and can confirm that a second dialog pops up when using the Wrapperw.exe application to interact with a service (i.e. install, remove, start, stop, query etc.)
    This is due to the fact that on the Wrapper creates actually a second, elevated process for all this actions. And it seems that the original Wrapper process does shows an dialog as well. I fixed this already and the dialog shouldn't show up anymore in the next release of the Wrapper.
    A quick workaround would be to start the Wrapperw.exe from an already elevated console when interacting with the service.

    I will let you know as soon as we will have released a new version of the Wrapper.

    Best Regards,

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