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* Removed debian packaging files.

Posted by Marco Lamberto 2003-06-18

WPP (2.14RC6) is out!

* RURL removed from wpplib, it's now a built-in macro (faster).
* Built-in macros uses internally relativized paths through RURL.
* CERN2HTML and NCSA2HTML relativize urls in map tags.
* Added debian packaging files.
* Fixed a bug in WPP::call when calling built-in macros.
* WPP::get, WPP::set, WPP::eval, WPP::canonpath arguments check.
* WPP::set checks the variable name.
* Minor internal code cleanups

Posted by Marco Lamberto 2003-06-08

WPP (2.14RC5) is out!

* fixed directory bug when creating with "./{file}.raw"
* code cleanup

Posted by Marco Lamberto 2003-06-05

WPP (2.14RC4) is out!

* deps generation cleanup
* use strict by default
* all the warnings and errors now prints file and line
* some path generation code was cleaned up
* misc code cleanup

Posted by Marco Lamberto 2003-06-02

WPP (2.14RC3) is out!

* Added SYSTEM_PP macro alias.
* Fixed some warning messages with Safe module shipped with perl 5.6.1.
* Client/server side map related macros now have support for map id.
* Using Term::ANSIColor for outputing bold messages when required.
* New switch "-u", "--unsafe-eval" for disabling Safe module and using the standard "eval" function.
* The FILE_SIZE now can output values in bytes, kb, mb, ...
* An EVAL error will result in a full dump of the inlined code with the error message.

Posted by Marco Lamberto 2003-03-10

WPP (2.14RC2) is out!

A lot of changes! ;)

Posted by Marco Lamberto 2002-10-25

WPP (2.14RC1) is out!

A lot of changes!

Posted by Marco Lamberto 2002-08-15