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Frost Engine 0.044 Released

Long time no see !
Here I come with the latest version of my project.

Most of the changes are kind of "underground" : you won't see much difference between this version and the previous one.

Yet, I had to release it because I'm working on a port to full 3D (using Ogre3D).

Enjoy this new release !

Posted by Kalith 2008-07-23

WoWRL 0.042 Released

Yet another "UI only" release. Indeed, there is almost no noticable change in the gameplay. But now you have much more control over the UI and the introduction of slash commands (/help or whatever) is going to help me as it can be used as a console.
There are two major changes in the UI : now frames extend themselves (virtualy) to surround all their childs and arts (before, it sticked to its original dimensions and everything out of these wouldn't be rendered). And the other one is the correction of alpha. Now it *should* work perfectly.... read more

Posted by Kalith 2008-01-26

WoWRL 0.041 Released

Back again with a new version. Nothing fancy this time, everything is yet to come :) This release unlocks many possibilities such as a complex spell scripting, a more flexible font system (WoW like), a simpler UI (backdrops) and easy targeting. For now, these won't be very useful, but with time... You'll see.

Oh, and you'll notice that the Tooltip and the BuffFrame are back as AddOns. The UI is now nearly as before the "LUA jump", I just miss the Inventory and the AggroFrame.
But there will be more AddOns coming : DamageMetter, RaidFrame, Minimap (maybe), AddOnConfigScreen, ...... read more

Posted by Kalith 2008-01-08

WoWRL 0.040 released

Wow, 2 month without a release... I must admit I took my time on this one.
Anyway, this release comes with an important news : the UI system is now very similar to what you can see in World of Warcraft.

You can create AddOns that you can load or not. These AddOns are made of LUA, XML and TOC files, which works exactly as in WoW : take a look at the BaseUI provided with this release to see what it is capable of !
But the work is not yet over, if you look in the change log you'll see this little sentence :... read more

Posted by Kalith 2007-11-18

Help needed

Hi everyone !

I'd requiere some help regarding the extraction of World of Warcraft's data.
As somebody pointed me in the forums, they are protected by copyright, so I don't have the right to release them with WoWRL (even edited, converted, or whatever).
I need a tool which could automaticaly extract 2d sprites from WoW's 3d models, an so for every single piece of data that comes from WoW including : characters animations, doodads and zones' backgrounds (and mayber later : sounds).
It should be "easily" done by looking at WoW Map Viewer and WoW Model Viewer (both available with source code at :\), they have done most of the work : reading and displaying mpq, m2 and blp files.
That would requiere knowledges in OpenGL (which I don't have) and some relatively strict conditions (that I'll not describe here).... read more

Posted by Kalith 2007-10-11

WoWRL 0.039 Released

After 3 weeks of holliday, I'm back with a new version of WoWRL.

There are a lot of important changes in this release, and a lot of work too (everything was done in a week or two, just before I had to leave).

The major thing to notice is the use of LUA scripts.

Take a look at the lua API in the wiki to learn more about this.

Hope you'll enjoy this release, and as always, please tell me if you find something wrong !

Posted by Kalith 2007-09-03

WoWRL Editor released

It is yet very basic as it allows only the editing of waypoints, but it works well :)
To use it, place the zone you want to edit in the Zone folder and edit the config.ini to load the zone you want. Details about keybindings are provided in the readme.

Posted by Kalith 2007-07-28

Bad uploading...

I made a mistake (don't know what) while uploading the latest version resulting in a corrupted zip file...
I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I'm happy to tell you that 0.037 is now available for real :P.

Posted by Kalith 2007-07-24

WoWRL 0.037 Released

After another week of holidays, I'm back with a new version of WoWRL.
Here is the change log :

- Added regeneration.
- Added "in combat" flag.
- Implemented stamina, intellect and spirit.
- Unit are now spawned with a random level and apropriate stats
for their lvl.
- Improved performance :
600 fps with 40 units spawned and selected instead of 570 fps.
950 fps with 100 units spawned away from the screen instead of 650 fps.
- Improved the code appearence.
- Changed the loading screen (only one available now).
- Fixed unit disapearing when ordered to go where it already stands.
- Fixed cursor sometimes stangely rotated.
- Fixed resurrected unit with the same amount of mana it has before its death.
- Added four new keys :
[C] puts all selected units in combat.
[H] makes all selected units hostile.
[S] hides/shows the status bars
[Shift + S] hides/shows enemies' status bars
- Added some selection helps :
[Shift + Left click] selects/deselects the unit under the mouse without
loosing the old selection.
[Control + Left click] selects all the available units of the same class.
[Shift + Dragged left click] draws a selection square without loosing
the old selection.
- Switched the key to spawn a mage to the [1] of the numpad.
Press [2] to spawn a hunter, [3] to spawn a priest.
- Removed debug output for the render list ([G])... read more

Posted by Kalith 2007-07-22


I will be on holiday for a week.
Do not expect any release during the next days ;)

Posted by Kalith 2007-06-22

WoWRL 0.035 Released

With this version comes a few GUI and stability improvements :

- added a flexible (variable height) tooltip.
- added a new cursor. You can see it while moving the view.
- added localisation files (*.str in the data pack)
- improved the look of the bottom bar.
- improved the look and lisibility of the status bars.
- improved font quality : they are now antialiased.
- fixed scrolling combat texts not staying where they where spawned.
- fixed particle based projectiles following the screen movements.
- removed remaining memory leaks.
- removed useless calculations while rendering selection and order circles.
- moved CastBar and UnitFrame from stucts to classes, they now have their own file and Render() method.

Posted by Kalith 2007-06-19

What's done, what must be done

What is done :
- Mouse and keyboard input.
- Click the player and it will display a glowing circle around
its feet indicating you have successfuly selected it.
- Right click the background to make the player go where you
clicked if it is selected.
- Drag the left button to make a selection square.
- Implemented a collision detection system with pathfinding.
- Animated sprites.
- Almost everything is dynamic and easily modifiable : look at
- Special effect for the mage incantation.
- A single map is available.
- Handle particle systems as projectiles.
- Status bars above each unit, only displaying health.
- The background can be panned by approaching the mouse from
the border of the screen.
- A GUI that displays name, class, health and mana of the
selected unit (and its target). It also displays all its
available spells, their name and a short description.
- Attack, resurrection and heal spells.
- Cast bar.
- Scrolling combat texts.... read more

Posted by Kalith 2007-06-09