FOIA VistA SemiVivA 20060615 MSC available

FOIA VistA 20060615MSC SemiVivA (MD5 sum 1e872f67d229f795e5d6d08487e627ca) is a repackaging of FOIA VistA SemiVivA 20060615 with MSC Fileman enhancements as released by George Timson at Hardhats ( Assuming the file has been downloaded as /Distrib/FOIAVistA20060615MSCSemiVivA.tgz, to install on your Linux PC, execute the following, as root:

cd /usr/local
tar zxvf /Distrib/FOIAVistA20060615MSCSemiVivA.tgz

This will create new directories /usr/local/FOIAVistA20060615MSC /usr/local/gtm_V5.1-000 and symbolic links /usr/local/FOIAVistA20060615MSC and /usr/local/gtm. Please note that this will overwrite any directories or symbolic links you have with those names.

To use it, you will need to create an environment where you will work (see for details). As a normal user, to create an environment in ~/myFOIAVistA20060615MSC, execute:

/usr/local/FOIAVistA20060615MSC/run ~/myFOIAVistA20060615MSC

Subsequently, to get to an interactive mode GT.M prompt in that environment, execute


To run entryref ABC^DEF in that environment, execute:

~/myFOIAVistA20060615MSC/run ABC^DEF


1. The M routines in the directory /usr/local/FOIAVistA20060615MSC/r are FOIA VistA 20060615 overlaid by the routines from MSC Fileman.

2. After overlaying the routines, I ran ^DINIT, then ^ZTMGRSET and ^DINIT again for good measure.

3. /usr/local/FOIAVistA20060615MSC/p contains one routines XPDR.m. XPDR.m as distributed in FOIA VistA, and in FOIA VistA contains a line of code that is not correct for GT.M. /usr/local/FOIAVistA20060615MSC/p/XPDR.m contains a 1-line fix by me.

4. All object files were compiled using GT.M V5.1-000.

5. GT.M V5.1-000 is Copyright (c) 2006 Fidelity National Information Services, Inc, and is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (available at as of July 26, 2006).

6. No copyright is claimed for scripts written by me and packaged herewith - they are in the public domain and provided with no warranty whatsoever. Use them at your own risk.

7. VistA as made available by the US Department of Veterans Affairs under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is in the public domain.

8. The routines of MSC Fileman as downloaded from Hardhats are Copyright (c) Medsphere Systems Corporation and provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Until I get the integration of George's MSC Fileman with FOIA VistA right, please treat these blended releases as purely experimental. But, please do try them and provide feedback on what works and what does not.

If anyone wants me to create a VivitA release, please let me know. Thank you very much.

K.S. Bhaskar
bhaskar at bhaskars dot com

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2006-08-28