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Open Vista Derivative software

  • chary

    Can we use Open Vista as the starting point for a new derivative commercial software in the EMR domain? Has someone already done so?

    • K.S. Bhaskar
      K.S. Bhaskar

      VistA as released by the US Dept of Veterans Affairs is in the public domain.

      Other software on the OpenVistA VivA live CDs, such as Linux and GT.M are licensed under the terms of various licenses, the most common of which is the GNU General Public License (GPL).

      So, yes, within the limits of the above, you are welcome to create a commercial derivative.

      Yes, this has been done before.

      This discussion forum is not widely monitored.  You should post to the hardhats-members@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list.

      -- Bhaskar