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Woopsi demo and source 0.29; new SDL code

Archives of Woopsi 0.29 demo and source are now available.

A new XCode project is available that runs on the Mac by replacing calls to libnds with calls to SDL via an abstraction layer. This enables Woopsi applications that don't interact with the DS hardware at a low level to be created and debugged in XCode.

Posted by Ant 2008-01-11

Demo and Source 0.28 Released

Archives of Woopsi 0.28 demo and source are now available.

Posted by Ant 2007-12-14

Demo and Source 0.27 Released

Archives of Woopsi 0.27 demo and source are now available.

Posted by Ant 2007-12-11

Demo and Source 0.26 Released

Archives of Woopsi 0.26 demo and source are now available.

Posted by Ant 2007-12-08

Demo and Source 0.25 Released

Archives of Woopsi 0.25 demo and source are now available.

Posted by Ant 2007-11-05

Another New Demo

Another new demo available! New this time, apart from bugfixes, are window close buttons.

Posted by Ant 2007-10-24

New Demo Released; SVN Updated

New demo released with a number of bugfixes and a new addition - "bitmap buttons", which are buttons that have bitmaps in the place of labels. They allow different images to be used for the "clicked" and "unclicked" states.

The latest source for the demo can be downloaded from the SVN repository.

Posted by Ant 2007-10-22

Documentation Begun

I've started work on the Woopsi documentation. This is currently located at the Woopsi website:


Posted by Ant 2007-10-17

Woopsi: First Packages Released

Woopsi is a Nintendo DS GUI library for rapidly creating user interfaces for homebrew software. Modelled after the AmigaOS windowing system.

The first full SourceForge release of the Woopsi library is now available.

There are two packages - the Demo package contains pre-built binaries for the NDS that can be used in either a DS emulator or with a flash cart and a real DS. It is a tech demo of Woopsi's functionality.... read more

Posted by Ant 2007-10-16

Screenshots Added

Added a couple of screenshots of Woopsi to the screenshots section.

Posted by Ant 2007-10-15

SubVersion Code Tidy

I've tidied up the code in the SVN repository - the trunk/tags/branches structure got ignored during the initial commit, and I'd included a few folders that were superfluous.

Posted by Ant 2007-10-15

Sourcecode Uploaded to SVN

Woopsi sourcecode (VC++) is now available from the SVN repository.

Posted by Ant 2007-10-15