Hi Anil,

It should not do that, it sounds like you might be redirecting.  My rules look like this:

# Any hit to /uniqname/foo gets passed to a section

RewriteRule    ^/(.+)/(.+) /cgi-bin/WebObjects/GVCSiteMaker.woa/wa/displaySection?site=$1&section=$2    [last,passthrough]

And preserve what the user put into the URL.

What do your rules look like?


On 2014-05-09, 3:19 PM, "Anil Bajaj" wrote:


I've setup a mod_rewrite rule to rewrite a simple URL to a WebObjects direct action, like

mydomain.com/<username> to mydomain.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MyApp.woa/wa/profile?uid=<username>

This works fine except the browser displays the long URL, instead of the short URL, as expected.

Is there anyway, using either ERXApplication._rewriteURL or ERXApplication.replaceApplicationPath properties, to display the short URL that includes the username param that was originally passed into the direct action query and display something like mydomain.com/<username>.

All the documentation/examples I've seen are of the type where replaced URL is always static i.e the App name.


Anil Bajaj
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