Bravo :-)

On Sep 10, 2012, at 2:52 AM, Amedeo Mantica wrote:

Hello all,

I made a small but important commit (8e5de1a3b2cd452d63dfd992ab41f923e3211392) that is waiting to be landed,
in the meanwhile I would like to prepare you in case of no longer working AJAX stuff.

Don't Panic !

HTML have a strict set of attribute assignable to elements, assigning custom ones will make html validators to fail validation.
Now with HTML5 is possible to prefix custom attributes with "data-", so this commit will replace every AJAX "updateUrl" attribute with "data-updateUrl".
I did a search/replace in every .java, .wod, .js, .html in Wonder, so that everything is working fine.

If you see any trouble in your own project (if u created custom AJAX elements/components) check for "updateUrl" attributes and replace it with "data-updateUrl".

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