I have Jenkins running as expected on an OS X machine and I have WO/Wonder jobs and local framework and application jobs building as expected. 
I have take the config files from those jobs and added them to the linux box running Jenkins and am having a woproject.jar problem. 

I have confirmed that the woproject link is made in the local job (and is present in the $JENKINS_HOME/WOFrameworkRepository/WOProject directory.
I have tried copying the woproject.jar into the job workspace/Root/lib in case there is a linking problem or a problem traversing the link.
I have copied woproject.jar into the ant lib directory for the machine. 

None of that has changed anything and those path related differences are what I can think of to try to isolate why this job works well on OS X but fails to find the woproject.jar on Linux.

My next path is to look into the build file for Wonder to find out what is different between that setup that builds Wonder (pretty much unchanged from David Avendasora's WOJenkins_Job_InstallWOAndWOnder  at https://github.com/avendasora/WOJenkins_Job_InstallWOAndWOnder.git) and the setup that builds my frameworks (which is also from David's github projects WOJenkins and WOJenkins_Job_WOProject_SVN)

Here is the failure from the Jenkins console:
Look For: MySQLPlugIn
    Not found in WebObjects: /var/lib/jenkins/WOFrameworksRepository/WebObjects/5.4.3/Library/Frameworks/MySQLPlugIn.framework
    Found in Project WOnder.
        Linking: ln -sfn /var/lib/jenkins/WOFrameworksRepository/ProjectWOnder/master/5.4.3/Local/Library/Frameworks/MySQLPlugIn.framework
    Not found in other build job: /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/VAEO/workspace/../../MySQLPlugIn/lastSuccessful/archive/Projects/MySQLPlugIn/dist/MySQLPlugIn.tar.gz
Link to woproject.jar so Ant can build the WO project.
Setup /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/VAEO/workspace/Root/jenkins.build.properties for Ant to use for building
Create link for backward compatibility with old build.properties file name since old build jobs will still be pointing to it.
ln -sfn /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/VAEO/workspace/Root/jenkins.build.properties /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/VAEO/workspace/Root/build.properties
[VAEO] $ ant -file build.xml -DPROJECT_SVN_REPOSITORY=svn+ssh:// -DDEPLOYED_APPLICATION_NAME= -DPROJECT_BRANCH_TAG= -DJAVA_COMPATIBILITY_VERSION=1.5 -DBUILD_TYPE=Deployment -DWONDER_GIT_REFERENCE=master -DWO_VERSION=5.4.3 -DPROJECT_BRANCHES_TAGS_TRUNK=trunk -DPROJECT_NAME=VAEO -DProjects/${PROJECT_NAME}/= build -propertyfile /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/VAEO/workspace/Root/jenkins.build.properties -lib /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/VAEO/workspace/Root/lib/woproject.jar
Buildfile: /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/VAEO/workspace/Projects/VAEO/build.xml




/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/VAEO/workspace/Projects/VAEO/build.xml:87: taskdef class org.objectstyle.woproject.ant.WOCompile cannot be found
 using the classloader AntClassLoader[]

Total time: 0 seconds
Build step 'Invoke Ant' marked build as failure
Archiving artifacts
Finished: FAILURE

Does anybody have any ideas about where I can look for what would cause this job to fail this way on Linux (OpenSuSE 12.1 with JDK (not OpenJDK)) while the identical job configuration succeeds on OS X. 

Larry Mills-Gahl