PVHL (Paul)

Welcome to the Woas project!

Woas is a complete wiki in a single HTML (web browser) file that works in every major browser, including older versions (even IE6!). It can store, edit, and display wiki pages, images, and files within itself and is tremendously useful as a writing, research, note-taking, documentation, and/or information organizing tool. It allows information to be easily shared and can even generate simple websites!

I will have files released in the next day or so, God willing. I will be doing development work in my GitHub Woas repository and posting file releases, code milestones, blog posts, and forum discussions here. Hopefully this will increase interaction and reduce development time, and still allow my work to be of some use to the original WoaS project.

This is my version of the 'stickwiki' WoaS project. My basic intention for this project is outlined in this blog post, and also in this forum post. In essence, I will use this project for developing my own version of WoaS, but as a participant with the original, not as an opponent. Over time my version may diverge, but any truly new design will be created in a different project from this one and under a different name.

(I have dropped the Legacy subproject (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, that's good!). This project now performs essentially the same function I intended Legacy to. After two or three years of inactivity it appears there may be life in the old project yet, so I am not making any decisions right now beyond using this project for my own, fixed version of WoaS 0.12.0.)


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