WordNet-Similarity 1.01 released

We are very pleased to announce the release of WordNet-Similarity, version
1.01. As the increment to the version number suggests, this is a major new
upgrade to the package, and marks our move to WordNet 2.1!

So, we are happy to say that we now support WordNet 2.1. :)

You can download version 1.01 from:


Please note that you must use WordNet 2.1 and WordNet-QueryData 1.39 in order to
use WordNet-Similarity 1.01. Previous versions of WordNet and/or
WordNet-QueryData will not function with WordNet-Similarity-1.01 (and vice

If you are still using WordNet 2.0, you should continue to use
WordNet-Similarity 0.16 and WordNet-QueryData-1.38.

**** However, please note that any further enhancements that we make to
the package will be made to 1.01 and beyond, so in effect we will not be
supporting 2.0 or earlier versions. This is in fact that same policy the
WordNet folks have (they are not supporting versions of WordNet prior to
2.1) so it's probably time to upgrade. :)

The major changes in this version include support for version 2.1,
as well as incorporation of Wybo Wiersma's changes to improve performance
of the lesk measure (which includes the modifications to lesk.pm,
something that we missed in 0.16!). Please note that there will be
changes to Text-Similarity as well that will improve performance further,
but those are independent of WordNet-Similarity and have therefore been
put behind these changes in our internal queue.

FYI, here is the portion of the Change Log that pertains to 1.01:

Version 1.01
* 12/09/05

(1) Modified get_wn_info.pm with Wybo Wiersma's changes. (Sid)

(2) Modified lesk.pm, vector.pm and vector_pairs.pm to be compatible
with above changes. (Sid)

* 12/07/05

(1) Updated all utilities to use WordNet 2.1 (WordNet::QueryData
1.39 or above). (Sid)

(2) Updated all modules and test cases for WordNet 2.1. (Sid)

* 12/05/05

(1) Changed order of authors in package documentation. (Sid)

So, please give this a try, and let us know of any questions or concerns
you might have!!

Ted and Sid

Posted by Ted Pedersen 2005-12-22