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WMTweb Demonstration Video

Here is a three minute demonstration of the Wildfire Management Tool - Web Edition:

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2015-07-24 Labels: WMTweb

First Place for Wildfire Management Tool - Web Edition (WMTweb)

The Wildfire Management Tool - Web Edition won first place in the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge 2015 at FOSS4G Europe!

You can preview the web app at: wmt.emxsys.com

For more information about WMTweb, visit the project site: https://bitbucket.org/emxsys/wildfire-management-tool-web

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2015-07-24 Labels: WMTweb

WMT v4 Beta 3 Released

The third beta release of WMT v4 was posted 2-MAY-2015. This beta version resolves several weather related issues, including initialization, preferences, editing diurnal weather and weather charts. This version also includes the XML and JSON backend support for the upcoming WebWMT version.

There are still shortcomings with the handling and display of the MesoWest weather observations. These will be resolved in the next release.... read more

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2015-05-03 Labels: WMT Desktop

WMTweb - Web version of the Wildfire Managment Tool

I've accepted the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge 2015: I've started development on a web version of the Wildfire Management Tool (WebWMT). This web version will provide a new and greater level of access to wildland fire behavior calculations -- via the web browser -- for mobile and desktop, android and iPhone, Mac and PC. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2015-04-12 Labels: Europa WMTweb

Updated WMT Software Architecture Document

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2015-04-03 Labels: WMT Desktop

WMT v4 Beta1 Released

An early-access beta release of WMT was posted 7-Oct-2014. This beta version has several shortcomings--please pay attention to the README.txt so you know what the known issues are. Otherwise, please post any issues or problems at you discover at https://bitbucket.org/emxsys/wildfire-management-tool/issues. Thanks.

WMT Beta2 is expected to be released before 31-Oct-2014.

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2014-10-09 Labels: WMT v4

WMT 3.2 Fireground Animation Feature

Version 3.2 has an animation feature where the potential paths of wildfire are animated using "comet trails" of varying speeds and colors representative of rate of spread and flame length, respectively.

Owly Images

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2013-06-15

WMT v3.2 Release Date: June 14, 2013

The NASA Europa Challenge deadline has been extended to June 14, 2013. That's welcome news as the additional two weeks lets me finish up some exciting new features. On June 14th, version 3.2 will be released to the public and entered into the NASA Europa Challenge.

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2013-05-31

WMT version 3.1.2 ready for download

The CPS Wildfire Management Tool (WMT) v3.1.2 was released May 4, 2013 and is ready for downloading.

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2013-05-06

CPS Wildfire Management Tool entered into Europa Challenge


The goal is to display the potential movement of a wildland fire through the terrain on the World Wind virtual globe.

The software will animate fire behavior in wildfires so that firefighting personnel and other decision-makers can easily understand the inherent potential risks and consider various scenarios for intervention.

Firefighters can use this tool to evaluate the escape potential of a prescribed fire, or identify where best to deploy suppression resources to fight a wildfire. ... read more

Posted by Bruce Schubert 2013-05-06