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Mplayer32 now hangs & other issues

Big C
  • Big C
    Big C

    Hi, i've loaded up the wmptse 1.4 addon in WMP 10 on XP x64 and have a couple of issues.

    The first one is that mplayer.exe now hangs on exit when the add-in is loaded, and i need to kill it in taskmanager.

    Secondly, i can't write tags back to FLAC files in WMP. Is this a normal limitation? I've set the "write" option in the add-in options.

    The other issue is possibly not a wmptse problem, but when i rip an album in EAC which is a compilation, i end up with a separate album in WMP for each song, with an identical name. When i rip MP3's in the same manner, i have to manually fix the "album artist" to various, but they still showed as a single album.