#20 WMP 11 Freezes

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I am trying to use WMP Tag Support Extender to be able to play my iTunes music (m4a’s) in Windows Media Center and cannot get the WMP Tag Support plugin to work. It hangs Windows Media player every time it tries to refresh the tag support (which unfortunately defaults to occurring on the start up of Windows Media Player. I have found that even if I remove all the tag support but M4A's, the program will still freeze.

Codecs I have tried with the WMP Tag Support plugin: 3ivx Codec, AAC/aacPlus DirectShow Filter

I am using the WMP Tag Support version 1.4 (the most recent one to my knowledge).

I haven't been able to find any solutions to this problem on forum posts, but I see that one other person has this problem on your forum. Is this something super obvious that I am overlooking, or is this a bug?

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your doing this project (or rather, I will really appreciate your work, and hopefully soon :-) )



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    Thanks Eric,

    I have the smae problem. I'm usinf XP prof and it says in the bug list no 64 bit support as yet, XP prof is 64 bit

    Pete allamby