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About wizd development

You've probably noticed that Wizd has not been updated for a while. Actually, development is stopped because none of the developers got time to get involved in this project.

Just two pieces of information :
- some people adapted wizd to work on the new PopCorn Hour : http://jhue.users.sonic.net/
- in the next few days, I'm gonna post latest version of wizd : wizd v25 + wizdxp 1.50 ; both are not finished, but maybe some people are interested in testing those versions (note that development will not continue !)... read more

Posted by J-B 2008-05-06

Wizd v24 released : new features !

A new version of Wizd has been released today : v24.

A lot of work and debug for the team, and we're proud to announce new and bright features, among them :
- Search feature
- Optional start page
- "Last added files" feature
- Favorite feature
... and a lot more !

Have fun :)

Posted by J-B 2006-11-07

Wizd v23 released !

A new version of wizd has been released today.
This version is a minor release.

- New Simplicity skin (SD and HD versions)
- Cygwin1.dll updated to 1.5.21
- Bug fixed : some thumbnails were not displayed
- Bug fixed : artist was not displayed while playing MP3 (regression in v22)

Posted by J-B 2006-08-27

Forum opened !

Forum is opened and let you post any question about wislist, help request and skins. Feel free to start new topics, even though this forum is not yet really active ... but I read it every day ;) Other people will do the same in the next couple of weeks, I hope !

Posted by J-B 2006-06-03