Wizards Magic - OpenSource card game, based on rules of Magic: The Gathering, written in Python, using Pygame

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  • Chubakur

    Rules of Wizards Magic based on rules of Magic The Gathering.
    In game playing 2 players, each player has 50 hp and 6 decks. Each player deck chooses randomly and has 4 cards and some mana. Sum of manas for each player is 25. Card can be one of two types: is warrior or magic. Warrior has 3 parameters ( hp, attack power, and cost) hp - damage when can read take creature and not die. Attack power - damage which creature make for one time. Cost - count of mana of deck where is this card. Magic card has 1 parameters it is cost. Each card has special ability for example resist of fire for creature, or effect of magic card. This ability you can read, clicking on any card right mouse button. Each player has 5 "boxes" each box can has one card. In ending of turn every card attack to opposite box. If box is empty then the player get damage, if box has card then the card get damage.