Good afternoon,

I downloaded the WizApp.exe 1.5,

put in a command line batch option but to call this not working,

I tried several ways but is not working ..

Can someone help me?

the script is down.



my e-mail (ruba@…)


set page=:page12

set wabat=wabat.bat

rem set dobackup=0


set page=:page4

set wabat=%TEMP%\wabat.bat

set watext=Menu de Tarefas !!

set wainput=criar tarefa backup; Monitora Tarefas; Schedules

rem set wainput=Make a backup;Don't make a backup

set waoutnum=%dobackup%

start /w wizapp RB

if errorlevel 2 goto :cancel

if errorlevel 1 goto :page3

call %wabat%

if "%waoutnum"=="0" set dobackup="0"

if "%waoutnum"=="1" set dobackup="1"

if "%waoutnum"=="2" set dobackup="2"


if "%dobackup%"=="0" if %page%==:page4 goto end

if "%dobackup%"=="1" if %page%==:page6 goto page4

if "%dobackup%"=="2" if %page%==:page6 goto page4

set page=:page5

set watext=Choose a directory for the backup.

start /w wizapp FB DIR

if errorlevel 2 goto :cancel

if errorlevel 1 goto :page5


set page=:page6