Ancillary Observations, 2013 Year-End

  • BearState

    It’s the end of the year and the Wixel-SMEN and AA-SWAB projects are just getting started. Let’s make some ancillary observations, ancillary in that these observations are not specifically part of Wixel-SMEN or AA-SWAB. The first observation regards inter-tab communications and the second, making the browser memory light, by implementing a layered architecture which stubs modules which are loaded ‘as needed’ and may be dropped to allow better use of memory, if those modules have not been used after a given time interval. Inter-tab or for that matter, inter-browser window communications would allow paged applications of a sophisticated form such that specialized behaviors can be achieved which depend upon multiple application modules to be active at one time without depending upon a remote server handler or other expensive mode to achieve those communications. Work palettes, control boxes and other program participants could be active at the same time as a base application. This would begin to realize functionality in a browser which achieves objectives of an virtual OS. Layered browser architecture with stubbing for loading ‘as needed’ modules would not only speed up initial invocation of the browser, but allow a more flexible configuration, also supporting objectives of a virtual OS browser. Certainly, all users have recognized the slow initial browser invocation times and in the case of some browsers, Internet Explorer for example, poor performance in general. It is not clear at this time whether a layered architecture supporting virtual OS functionality in a browser would be useful to improve active performance. Enough said. These ancillary observations are just some thoughts that have come up during brain-storming for AA-SWAB.