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Sorry for the delayed response, but I was temporary offline due to illness.

WixEdit is just the editor. It makes WiX more visual and easier to comprehend and edit. The fancy stuff is really done by WiX, so that is what you should try to master.

Unfortunately there is no tutorial for WixEdit.

About the path environment variable, the WiX tutorial explains it exactly:

So in WixEdit, that means you should create an "environment" element, just within a component. (The same place where files are created.) And for the rest, follow the tutorial.

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On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 3:44 AM, Tim Juntunen <tim.juntunen@gmail.com> wrote:
Noob question:
What is the best practice for appending a value to the the %path% environmental variable in WiX Edit?

I don't really understand the use of the properties, actions and tables well.  Is there a tutorial written for WiXEdit (I see that the WIX tutorial is linked to the help menu item in WiXEdit, I was hoping to find a tutorial written with screen shots from WiXedit.)

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