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657 Can underline shows as default for control hotkey? closed  
653 Burn: Netfx installation command line closed  
628 Add an ability to disable filesystem redirection on x64 closed  
623 Update DIFxApp to support Win7 closed  
612 Burn upgrades should support a version range closed  
611 Cabinet cache & Clean closed  
605 How to extract a file from Binary table? closed  
604 How to Log Tracing Infomation from my VBS WiX CustomAction? closed  
585 Where is ct and ctui on Wix 3.5? closed  
560 util:InternetShortcut not formating name, and needs Icon closed  
550 Build WiX project if payload files change closed  
481 Express Editions VS2008 closed  
480 Importing an external XML file closed  
477 Hyphens in File and Cabinet IDs closed  
471 Allow raw CustomActionData for session.DoAction closed  
464 Support for 9999 as Major/Minor Version closed  
391 SqlInsertTemporaryString closed  
390 Add extension to control logging closed  
388 Evaluating Non-Defined Conditions closed  
341 Default UI Sequence actions not overridable closed  
340 Produce digitally signed packages closed  
327 Making Web Service call using WiX closed  
310 Allow custom version resolution from Binder closed  
300 Partial components closed  
287 Error If an output directory is specified that doesn't exist closed  
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