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#1395 Harvesting a VS Project requires ToolsVersion=3.5

Brian Rogers
heat (135)

I'm getting an exception from Heat when I try to harvest a VS Project. The .csproj does not have a ToolsVersion attribute on the Project element. When I add ToolsVersion=3.5, everything works as expected.

I have 2.0 and 3.5 frameworks installed.


  • Bob Arnson
    Bob Arnson

    Some coincidental research applies here: MSBuild v3.5\Microsoft.Common.Tasks points to a 3.5 implementation of GetFrameworkSdkPath; it's different than the 2.0 version in that it never logs a message about not being able to find the SDK. My guess is that Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine.Project.Build considers the high-importance message as a reason to return false, which is what triggers an exception in the project harvester.

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