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0.2a resubmitted

Last time I submitted 0.2a, the file didn't appear. This time I've chacked that it's there.

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2001-04-11

Discussion forums opened

I have created two discussion forums which I hope you will take part in. One is for The Wisewig HTML editor and the other is for the tool Html2cgi

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2000-11-02

HTML2CGI released

Html2cgi is a program that converts HTML files to Tcl CGI scripts. Extra Tcl code can be added in the HTML comments.
This has been specifically done so that one can write CGI scripts with the help of a WYSIWYG HTML editor. A simple example is included to illustrate this method.

I have tested the program and feel that it is stable, so please mail me if you find any bugs. It is intended that one also has Don Libes's CGI library installed, but it is possible to work around this requirement.

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2000-10-26

Second Pre Alpha Release

The second Pre Alpha release of Wisewig - a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Includes some support for forms.

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2000-08-25

First pre alpha release

First pre alpha release of the Wisewig cross platform web authoring tool

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2000-08-15