First off, I love Winstone.  It's an awesome product.  Thanks for everything you do.  I've got a question, though, about JDBC and such.  My goal is to be able to load MySQL connections via jdbc.  (eg   jdbc:mysql://mysqlserver/mydb   )

I discovered that I couldn't load JDBC drivers in my Winstone program until I used the JDBC options.

So now, I've got
java -jar winstone-0.9.10.jar  ...

And that's fine.  Now I can use DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://mysqlserver/mydb") and it starts the connections just fine.

My question is why you require a url to be specified to JNDI to use Winstone.  Shouldn't I be able to specify my connections (and usernames and passwords) in my Java code?

The reason I ask is that I get a "No JDBC URL supplied" exception when I start Winstone, which isn't harmful at all (besides some fluff in my logfiles), but I'd like to get rid of it.

Thanks again for an awesome awesome alternative to the otherwise bloaty and difficult-to-configure Tomcat.  I really dig it.

-Matt Spitz