Certainly winstone supports delivery of javascript to the browser, but there are any number of ways in which javascript can fail due to misconfiguration of only loosely related parts.

Common problem is character encoding, since browsers are particularly fragile about js without encoding explicitly specified. Another is pipelineing of http requests.

If you're hitting issues with differences in containers causing js errors, your js code is likely written in a pretty fragile way and it would be best to use an appserver that uses the defaults that let your code operate. Debugging this sort of code issue is painful.

re windows service: I've never tried it. You should be able to set up jservice (as tomcat does), but tha's uncharted territory.



William.Pherigo@l-3com.com wrote:

If a webpage in a  web app being served by Winstone contains Javascript (given the Javascript is written correctly), will the Javascript page be displayed correctly or served correctly?


The reason I asked is because we have a web app with servlets, jsps and embedded javascript that runs fine on two other app servers (displayed in Firefox and Internet Explorer), but has a problem with one of the pages containing Javascript when run in Winstone .


Also, can Winstone be run as a Windows service, like some other  app servers (e.g., Tomcat) and be set to run at Windows start up?




-- Will


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In what context ? the question as asked is a bit like asking if toyota supports streetlighting.

William.Pherigo@l-3com.com wrote:

Couldn’t find the answer on the internet… 




-- Will Pherigo