It's part of the servlet spec - I'm not legally allowed to implement it any other way :)

On 23 Jul 2012, at 21:14, Nico Herzau <> wrote:


while trying to setup a standalone jenkins I stumbled about a problem with the embedded winstone servlet container.

With the --prefix i figured you can add a prefix to all URLs served, which is quite handy, if you run it behind an apache as reverse proxy which is pointing to different projects on the same machine.
The problem however is, you can only add a single "level" as prefix, "/foo" works, "/foo/bar" doesn't.

While this is only a minor issue, it still prevents you from setting up a nice naming of all components for different projects on the same machine.
So, is this a flaw in the implementation and might get fixed someday (soon?) or is it intended

thanks in advance
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