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My name is Max. I have a question regarding Winstone Servlet Container.

I am designing a charting application for some financial website. It has to be able to deliver up to 360 unique charts per second. (I said unique charts, because in front of the charting server I will have caching server (squid) and most of the requests (95%) will be handled by it, so I estimate 7200 request per second).

But, 360 charts per second is a very big number anyway. So, my idea is to keep all charting data (quotes etc) in the memory to make it runs as fast as possible. In average, one quote history has about 200Kb footprint i the me memory. There must be about 1000 quote histories on one server. So, size of the data that must be keeped always in the memory buy a single Servlet is > 200Mb... I was thinking that JCS ( http://jakarta.apache.org/jcs/) is not bad idea to keep it a little bit smaller.

Now I am looking from the Servlet Container that could handle such an application. As a developer of Winstone, would you suggest me to try it? Do you think it is right match for my needs? Is it very stable or at least as stable as Tomcat?

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