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V1.21 Release

Well folks, after a long wait, the hex-ascii switch bug has been fixed. As far as is known, winsender is now bug-free!!. I may work on extra utilities to facilitate some scripting if there is a demand, but in the mean-time enjoy!

Posted by tim 2009-03-30

v1.20 release

In version 2 basic help has been added for the smtp protocol. Also, window resizing has been programmed. If you make the window wider, the input and output text boxs will get bigger too.
Contrary to previous announcement, hex viewing of data received has not been added yet. I have also spotted a bug in translation of carriage return/linefeeds when switching hex mode on and off, but will fix that shortly, in version 1.21 or something like it. Happy testing.

Posted by tim 2007-06-15

v1.10 release

Well, we finally have an update. Support has now been added to send data by typing it in hexidecimal. You can even type some in ascii, switch to hex and insert those extra untype-able codes, then click on send. Also a bug (feature!) which required a carriage-return to be present before data was sent has been removed. You can now send individual code bytes if you want.

Scheduled for the next release will be a feature to view incoming data in hex as well.

Posted by tim 2007-03-20

v1.02 release

At last, some progress on this project! POP3 help is now available, and a placeholder for SMTP help which will be added in v1.03. Once that is done, I plan on looking at some automation, and tips on how to recover forgotten mail passwords which are still configured on your mail client.

Posted by tim 2005-09-05

start of news

Well, hello everyone. I am still around. the Winsender project has been idle for some while, but I am hoping to do some work on it over the next few months. I'll post any progress here

Posted by tim 2005-02-20