Winpooch 0.6.0 alpha released

Winpooch is a watchdog for Windows which greatly increase the security of your computer.
It acts as a powerful anti spyware and anti trojans.

Winpooch can prevent suspicious programs from doing dangerous actions such as writing to system directories or sensible registry keys.
It also includes an anti virus and is able to make real-time file scanning.

Latest version can be downloaded at:

With version 0.6, the project is reaching a very important milestone. Whereas release 0.5 introduced API hooking as a spying solution, the new 0.6 version improve this by using kernel mode hooking.

Warning: this version is a beta release and is only available for Windows 2000, XP, 2003 with 32-bits processors.

Posted by Benoît Blanchon 2006-09-15