WinMerge 2.12.2 (stable) released

WinMerge is a Windows tool for visual difference display and merging, for both
files and directories. Unicode support. Flexible syntax coloring editor. Windows
Shell integration. Regexp filtering. Side-by-side line diff and highlights diffs
inside lines.

New in 2.12 stable releases:
- Tree-view for folder compare
- Include items in unique folders in compare results
- General compare result statuses
- Remember last used target folder for Copy/Move to in folder compare
- More accurate location pane
- Re-load files changed in disk behind WinMerge
- Refresh compare results after changing line filter
- Add option to show Open-dialog on WinMerge startup
- PCRE updated to version 7.8
- Installer can add WinMerge to system path
- New options page for Shell Integration options
- Better Unicode file detection for full contents compare
- Lots of bugs fixed

Notable in this release:
- Disable folder compare tree-view by default
- Bugfix: Filename extension column was empty for files
- Bugfix: Crash when selecting backup folder
- bugfix: Swapping panes did not update statusbar
- Bugfix: Says files are identical after making files different
in another application and re-loading them
- Bugfix: Files with missing last EOL weren't merged correctly
- Translation updates for Polish

The new version can be downloaded from:

NOTE: 7-zip plugin installer is downloadable from:

Posted by Tim Gerundt 2009-04-01