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Welcome to the network. This e-mail is to inform you that your software has been listed for download on You may recieve more than one e-mail from us. Each e-mail will be for a different application.

Please take the time to read through this e-mail to ensure you receive maximum exposure from listing your software on our website.

1. Program Accuracy and Verification

Lets start by viewing your software. CLICK HERE or use the link below to view your application on Please verify that your listing is accurate and the download links are functional.

View My Application - WinMerge

SoftwareArchives Link :
This is the PAD XML URL that exist in your XML file. Please verify that this link is valid. If it's not, please correct this in your PAD XML file and re-submit it. See intructions below.

If you see any errors, please correct the PAD XML file and re-submit the corrections to the Software Submission Page. prefers that you use the PAD XML method. This is the quickest and easiest way to submit your information. Using this method will allow us to automatically update your software listing without you having to re-submit your information. For more information on PAD XML, please visit the Association of Shareware Professionals at also offers a standard Form based submission for those not able to use PAD XML.

NOTE: Please submit all of your applications as individually. There should be one PAD XML or Submission for each program and each Operating System.
2. Custom Download Links offers developers the ability to use us as their primary portal for application distribution. Located on our website is the High Speed Download link.
This link offers all of our users the fastest downloads by automatically pointing them to the fastest download server. If your application does not show this link, we probably do not have accurate information for downloading your program to our servers. If this occurs, please correct and re-submit your information as shown above.

Located below are your custom download links and HTML code for placing these links on your website. Just copy the code below the image and paste it on your download page to use as your high speed download portal. These links will link to your software information page on Please link to this page as the High Speed Download link itself is dynamic and will not stay the same.

 Copy and paste this code

 Copy and paste this code

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