Hi to all,
I'm trying to compare two files, containing share price quotes, using only the first part of each line (ie, the exchange Code).  I'm not interested in the differences in quotes, but am trying to determine which Codes appear in one file but not in the second file.  I realise that I need to use Regular Expression(s) but I'm not having any luck and would appreciate some help.
The original data lists look like this:
BAR,20031126,0.062,0.065    BANIYD,20031126,212.73,212.73
BAROA,20031126,0.00,0.00    BAR,20031126,0.062,0.065
BGDOA,20031126,0.033,0.033  BGD,20031126,0.185,0.185
BGF,20031126,0.115,0.115    BGDOA,20031126,0.033,0.033
BGN,20031126,0.275,0.28   BGF,20031126,0.115,0.115
BHL,20031126,0.00,0.00   BGN,20031126,0.275,0.28
BHP,20031126,11.10,11.11  BHFHA,20031126,112.704,112.704
BHPDMF,20031126,0.00,0.00  BHL,20031126,4.85,4.85
I would like the result, after applying a Regular Expression to the compare, to look like this:
BAR,20031126,0.062,0.065    BAR,20031126,0.062,0.065
BAROA,20031126,0.00,0.00    BAROA,20031126,0.02,0.02
BGDOA,20031126,0.033,0.033  BGDOA,20031126,0.033,0.033
BGF,20031126,0.115,0.115    BGF,20031126,0.115,0.115
BGN,20031126,0.275,0.28     BGN,20031126,0.275,0.28
BHL,20031126,0.00,0.00      BHL,20031126,4.85,4.85
BHP,20031126,11.10,11.11    BHP,20031126,11.1,11.11
BHPDMF,20031126,0.00,0.00   BHPDMF,20031126,5.25,5.25